Frequently Used Forms

How to Submit Forms

After completion of the request, your attorney SHOULD upload the completed form to BK Docs at If the case is pending closure, the document must be emailed to

341 Meeting of Creditors Check List - (PDF)

ACH Authorization Form - (PDF)

Affidavit Regarding Tax Return - (Word)

Application to Employ Professional Person & Supporting Affidavit - (Word)

Application to Approve Attorney Fee and Expenses - (Word)

Add Debtor to NDC - (PDF)

Cash Collateral Motion - (Word)

Chapter 12 Debtor Quarterly Report

Debtor Change of Address or Employer Form - (PDF)

Debtor Email Submission - (PDF)

Debtor Engaged in Business Report Form - (Excel)

Debtor Information Booklet - (PDF)

Debtor Information Booklet With Cover - (PDF)

Domestic Support Obligation - (PDF)

Income Withholding Order Request Form - (PDF)

Interrogatories Form - (Word)

Lawsuit Attorney Notice - (Word)

Loan Request (Non-Vehicle) - (PDF)

Loan Request (Vehicle) - (PDF)

Motion for Discharge and Debtor's Certification of Compliance - (Word)

Motion To Approve Settlement - (Word)

Plan Form - (PDF)

Proof of Claim Form - (PDF)

Request To Excuse Plan Payment - (PDF)

Request To Pay Direct - (PDF)

Sample Order on Motion To Approve Settlement - (Word)

Verified Statement Requesting Video Conference Excusal - (PDF)

Verified Statement Requesting Video Conference Excusal - (Word)

Waiver of Statute of Limitation Form - (Word)