Sabrina L. McKinney

Chapter 13 Trustee

Middle District of Alabama

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Alabama has announced new local rules.

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SCAM Alert

It has been brought to the Court's attention that someone may be impersonating creditors in an attempt to defraud debtors.
In one instance, the alleged creditor contacted a debtor seeking to settle a legitimate notice of default and demanded payments in the form of gift cards.
Please alert your Attorney if you are contacted about payments on notices of default or any other payments, especially those requesting gift cards.

Payment Mailing Address

Chapter 13 Trustee
P. O. Box 613108
Memphis, TN

Correspondence Mailing Address

Chapter 13 Trustee
P. O. Box 173
Montgomery, AL

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Office Phone Number
(334) 262-8371
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