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Please be advised that E-Pay payments can only be made using a computer. When paying by E-Pay there is a 30 day hold on disbursing those funds to creditors. There is a 60 day hold on disbursing E-Pay funds upon case closure.

In most cases your plan payments are made from an income withholding order. If circumstances merit it, the Trustee and/or the Court may allow you to make your payments directly; if so, you must make your payments by Cashier's Check, Money Order, or online payments. If you are allowed to pay direct, the Online E-Pay System is a secure, convenient alternative to the use of cashier's checks and money orders to make Chapter 13 plan payments to the Trustee by using your checking or savings account to make electronic payments. This electronic payment system, developed in conjunction with our bank, SunTrust Bank, provides a verifiable, trustworthy, and an expedited payment option. If you are allowed to pay direct, this system is optional. If you choose not to use it, you may continue to make your plan payments direct by sending cashier's checks or money orders to the Trustee's lockbox with your name and case number on the cashier's check or money order.

E-Pay Payment Center

It is important to remember that the payment you create using E-Pay will be electronically withdrawn from your bank account and, within 3 business days, deposited into the Trustee's bank account on your behalf. If you do not have the funds in your account, the payment will be rejected and you will be prohibited from using the E-Pay system in the future.

Debtors must register to create a user name and password. Once registration is completed, payments can be made immediately.

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